Valentine’s Day Gift Guide for Him

First off, I want to say that this post isn’t sponsored in any way. These are just some cool things we found online and thought we’d share to show your favorite man how much you love them on this day of loooove!

Whew. That’s out of the way. I know Valentine’s Day isn’t everyone’s favorite holiday, but I love any opportunity to give my sweetheart a gift! If none of that resonates with you, you’re in luck. I’ve made this handy gift guide for all price points and preferences! Let’s start with gifts under $60…

Okay first up, I’m loving this Multi-Tool watch for your guy who loves being outdoors. It’s full of useful gadgets and, not to get gross, but I love that it has a toothpick! I’ve seen the love of my life attack his teeth with a sugar packet, so I know this would be a super practical gift!

I am crazy about floral and if you have a fashion lover, one of these ties is absolutely perfect! There are options to match any outfit!

Get warm and cozy with some Stumptown Coffee. Or if you really want to score some points, a coffee subscription! They’re shipping coffee beans, tea, cold brew, and glorious gear like this copper dripper. Actually I might just snag that for myself…

Got a guy who loves his city or misses his hometown? These etched glasses are too sweet and perfect for any man cave! Twenty four options for finding his fave!

Kicking it up a notch into a little higher budget range with my next four gift ideas…

First up is this gorgeous ring by David Yurman. It’s gold, carbon, and dreamy!

This is one I want for myself. A nice little tech organizer. Perfect for charging and stylish enough for a bedroom nightstand. It comes in grey, black, and white, so I’m sure you can find the right fit for his home or office.

Okay how beautiful is this levitating lamp. I could see it looking great in an office, bar, or man cave! Perfect if you have an ideas guy–it’s a beautiful way to bring that “aha” light bulb moment into his space.

Finally we need to talk about this bad boy: the Dyson Pure Hot + Cool Link. My husband and I have one in our office and I don’t think I could live without it. Plus I love the way they look!

In the end though, gift or none, the most important thing is to take a few moments on Valentine’s Day to tell someone you care. Put you phone down, look into their eyes, and say how you feel. It means so much and costs you nothing.

Happy Valentine’s Day, lovers! Tell me how yours goes–I adore a fuzzy warm(or let’s be honest, super embarrassing) story!



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  4. I love that multi tool watch!! My husband would definitely use that!

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